Itinerari in moto all'Isola d'Elba

Motorcycle itineraries recommended by Desmo Owners Club Island of Elba

Below are some of the itineraries which we recommend:

Light blue Itinerary: Portoferraio/Marciana Marina - about 18 km.
County road with a range of bends and apparently false grounds. Fairly smooth asphalt in good conditions with few chances to perform high speed curves due to a highly smooth road surface. Panoramic spots with small lay-bys to stop and take pictures or rest. Petrol stations at the beginning and end of the itinerary. Discounted wash above Marciana Marina.

Yellow Itinerary: Marciana Marina/Marina di Campo - about 50 km.
Western ring of the island. Stretch until Marciana Alta along a picturesque road in the woods. Very narrow, must be driven through at low speed. Stretch Marciana Alta - Marina di Campo, i.e., Ring of the island: excellent asphalt, bends that stir to perform high speed curves, large bends and panoramic spots among the most beautiful on the island. Great beaches. No petrol stations for the entire tract, it necessary to fuel up before starting the itinerary.

Pink Itinerary: Marina di Campo/Poggio - about 10 km.
Hilly stretch through Monte Perone. Narrow bends and steep slopes. Crossing over mount Perone there is a large lay-by surrounded by parks with a panoramic spot, reachable by foot in few minutes. Caution with traffic as the road presents some blind spots. There is plenty of vegetation. Slippery bottom. No petrol stations for the entire itinerary, possibility of wild animals crossing the road.

Dark blue Itinerary: Monument Road. Campo nell'Elba/County road for Porto Azzurro - about 25 km.
Very pleasant hilly road with panoramic spots and fair asphalt. Rather steep slopes in certain points. No inhabited areas for almost the entire itinerary, fuel up before leaving. Smooth asphalt, but safe.

Red Itinerary: Portoferraio/ Porto Azzurro-Capoliveri - about 20 km.
County road. Smooth flowing itinerary with good asphalt, stretches with long straight tracks and points with gentle bends in apparently false grounds. Petrol stations at the beginning and end of the itinerary. Road for Capoliveri in a steep slope, with hairpin bends a few minutes from the fortified city. Panoramic view in this spot.

Green Itinerary: Porto Azzurro/Rio Marina - about 15 km.
County road. Pleasant stretch with spots in the woods in apparently false grounds. Smooth asphalt without defects. Dangerous sandy material and crushed stone. Petrol stations at the beginning and end of the itinerary. Lay-bys in parks for stop off and resting. Connected to the Castle of Volterraio.

White Itinerary: Rio Elba/Portoferraio - about 15 km.
Hilly county road which runs next to the Castle of Volterraio. Asphalt in good conditions but slippery, with very winding stretches and steep slopes. Panoramic. No petrol stations.

Black itinerary: Rio Marina/Cavo and back- about 20 km.
Road of the "Parades". To be covered bordering the sea, with excellent panoramic spots and excellent asphalt. Gentle and well-defined bends. Arrival at Cavo and return to Rio through a hilly road. Very pleasant also the way back, with points in which to stop off. Petrol stations at the beginning and end of the itinerary. Possibility to drive through in the opposite direction, like a ring, recommended.